Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance and audit are usually conducted for industrial manufacturer or facilities where hazardous materials may be used or stored. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Mining, drilling, oil and gas pipeline
  • Metal fabrication
  • Building materials manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pulp & paper production
  • Steel mills
  • Electrical manufacturing
  • Agricultural farming and livestock operation

If your business involves in one of them above, then we can help.

Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Environmental Policies and Regulations

Wuland provides strategic advice on environmental policy, regulations, legislation, and practice to manage the environmental components of your company’s sustainable development and success.  Our compliance and audit specialists follow a carefully planned process to determine compliance with local, provincial and national legislation and regulations.

Once your company is engaged with the Wuland, our specialist will review your operation to ensure compliance and due diligence with regulatory standards. We have a thorough understanding of international standards and best industry practice relating to land, water and air emissions.  If your company or business is under governmental regulatory scrutiny or investigation, we can work with you to minimize company impact to the environment and work on innovative ways to minimize the ecological footprint. We can identify your environmental sensitive area and provide expertise and innovative environmental advice to your production line management department.  Furthermore, we can:

  • Guide your company's environmental performance to be of high standard compatible with the expectations of the company's key stakeholders.
  • Minimize company impact to the environment and work on innovative ways to minimize the ecological footprint.
  • As a company spokesperson representing the company with its stakeholders concerning any environmental issues.

ISO 14001 Compliance

Wuland’s EMS Specialist (ISO 14001) is able to help drive your company's EMS.  Our consultant can serve as an independent consultant or work as an integral team member of your environmental management department. Our competencies include:

  • Provide assistance in developing systems, tools and procedures to support the EMS.
  • Support the continued enhancement of Environmental Management Programs so that the company's environmental targets and objectives can be achieved.
  • Provide support to the ongoing maintenance activities associated with the EMS and monitor progress against environmental policy, corporate objectives and legal requirements.
  • Participate in audits of the company's EMS to ensure compliance.

Our consultants are well-trained professionals with a broad range of experiences in Environmental Science, Environmental Policy & Law, Regulatory Affairs, etc. For more information how we can help, please inquire.

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